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Body Scrub & body Wrap treatments 

Lypossage is a non-surgical treatment that helps you to lose extra inches from your abdomen, back, face and neck. Charles W. Wiltsie III is the inventor of this wellness treatment that helps relieve the body of toxins and fluid retention that causes cellulite. This procedure requires no down time or recovery. Lypossage is a body contouring treatment that is set up into three zones. Each session is a series of 18, 20-minutes treatments that takes six weeks to complete. This technique includes compressions, skin rolling visceral manipulation, pulling, wringing and effleurage. We have 3 packages that may help with extra contouring and the loss of inches in each zone. A 30 minute far infrared sauna may be included to help further detox and rid the body of fluid while increasing circulation to the areas that are being treated. Personal training combined with the infrared sauna may be added to a package to enhance your treatment.

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