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Lypossage (Body Contour) & Body Wrap treatments. 

Lypossage (Body Contour)

Lypossage is a non-surgical treatment that helps you to lose extra inches from your abdomen, back, face and neck. Charles W. Wiltsie III is the inventor of this wellness treatment that helps relieve the body of toxins and fluid retention that causes cellulite. This procedure requires no down time or recovery. Lypossage is a body contouring treatment that is set up into three zones. Each session is a series of 18, 20-minutes treatments that takes six weeks to complete. This technique includes compressions, skin rolling visceral manipulation, pulling, wringing and effleurage. We have 3 packages that may help with extra contouring and the loss of inches in each zone. A 30 minute far infrared sauna may be included to help further detox and rid the body of fluid while increasing circulation to the areas that are being treated. Personal training combined with the infrared sauna may be added to a package to enhance your treatment. To find out more about this service please visit the website at www.lypossageusa.com


20 minute sessions 3 times a week for

6 weeks  



Lypossage, Personal Training &


Personal training 2 times a week

for 30 minutes for 6 weeks



Hydrating Body Wrap 

Our hydrating wrap has a rich texture that leaves skin silky and smooth. First we apply an exfoliating treatment to the body, followed by our warmed body wrap and enclose you in a thermal blanket. While the wrap is hydrating your skin we will massage your scalp with our aromatherapy scalp oil. This stimulates hair follicles and may help treat scalp conditions. Finally we uncover you and perform a finishing treatment with the remaining product on the skin. This treatment is perfect to indulge dry skin! 

60 min $175

add 60 min massage $275/90 min massage $325

Lypossage & Sauna

3 times a week for 6 weeks



Firming Seaweed Detoxing Body Wrap 

This relaxing service begins with a dry brush technique that stimulates the lymphatic system to release toxins and lessen the appearance of cellulite. A warm seaweed wrap with bentonite clay is applied to the entire body. Then you will be wrapped in an insulated blanket for 15-20 minutes, while warm protective layers increase your body's temperature allowing you to sweat. While detoxification is taking place we will use our unique blend of aromatherapy oil that includes peppermint, lavender, rosemary, and tea tree oil to massage your scalp. (This will increase relaxation and leave your hair with a healthy shine and a nourished scalp.) Finally, we unwrap you from your cocoon-like state and use our Vichy shower to rinse and then hydrate your now firmer skin with a quick massage to send you off with a radiant glow! Schedule this service to experience smooth and toned skin! 


90 min $225 

add 60 min massage $320/ 90 min massage $370