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Specialty spa


This holistic approach to conceive is used to enhance a couple’s possibility of a natural conception or with assisted reproductive technology. The intent of these sessions are to help the body in stimulating reproductive organs, cleansing, reducing stress and to help balance hormones. These sessions are detailed to help you not only get pregnant but to welcome new life inside your womb.


*This service is not intended to replace any other traditional health care that you may be receiving. 

*Fertility $1650- (6 sessions)

90 min each treatment 


Does being pregnant mean that you can’t get a massage? It is in fact the exact opposite. Having a massage during your pregnancy is the best kind of care you can give to yourself. It helps with lower back pain, improves circulation in the body, it can relieve muscle tension, headaches and reduces edema. Giving yourself this kind of attention is even better if you blame it on the baby- whose gonna argue with that.…. Be sure to book a session every month for better sleep and a chance to enjoy your pregnancy.


*We ask that you are 12 weeks along or more in your pregnancy before booking this service.


60 minutes/$115

90 minutes/$145

postpartum mommy makeover massage

Postpartum Massage is a treatment that helps the body to heal and recover as quickly as possible within the first 12 weeks after giving birth. This package is a complete session of therapeutic treatments combined with detailed massage techniques. Lymphatic drainage, reflexology, light stretching, a massage for the abdomen to help encourage the uterus to contract and a castor oil pack to help reduce swelling. This increases circulation and helps prevent postpartum hemorrhage. Essential oils are used in this session to balance hormones. This service is performed in our private suite that has a fireplace and a shower.



2 hour service/30 min relax time in the private suite after the service.

*If a cesarean was performed, we avoid the incision area.

menopause massage

During this special time in a woman’s life emotional support is needed. Night sweats and insomnia is not a way to function while transitioning to this climacteric new phase in life. Women are looking for alternative ways to help with these symptoms.  More than 85% experience hot flashes, chills, and mood disturbances. This massage treatment helps to balance hormones, minimize hot flashes & increase circulation in the body. We focus on womb massage and reflexology with our special aromatherapy blend to help improve your symptoms. 

60 minutes/$115

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