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Foot Treatments and Pedicures 

Try our amazing pedicure. Our foot treatments will put your feet back in motion. While we focus on the care of nails, cuticles and calluses, it’s the relaxing foot massage that takes you to another dimension. Trust us, this will be one of the best pedicures that you’ve ever had! 

Wellness Foot Treatment

You will immerse your feet in a warm soothing foot soak solution, next we carefully clip and shape your nails. A scrub is applied to the feet and legs and rehydrated with either an oil or lotion, then massaged to perfection. Polish is applied and you're off to brag to your friends about your experience. 

60 min/$75

Spa Pedicure 

Sit back and relax because this service is going to take you to nirvana! Feet are soaked in warm water that is set to the perfect temperature. Toes are treated, polish removed and detailed cuticle work is performed. Calluses are softened and then the bliss happens. Your nail technician will massage your feet with warm stones creating a movement between warmth and massage on your legs and feet. This technique relaxes your body while increasing circulation to get you back dancing. Next, a mask is applied, and you will be rocked in our state of the art pedicure chairs to help you drift off into a delightful nap. The mask is removed and  lotion or oils are applied. Finally, polish is nicely lacquered over your toes and unfortunately your service has come to an end, but you can always rebook and experience it again!

90 min/$95

Check out our comfy Pedi Lounge by Touch America.

Polish Change   $15

Reflexology Massage

In need of a mood booster, this session is for you. Reflexology has many benefits, but having an amazing skilled technician to treat your feet to this service is even better. Your feet will be soaked, washed and scrubbed then, your technician will efficiently massage, and manipulate neural pathways that will create tranquility and harmony in your body. 

60 min/$70

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