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Body Treatments 


Swedish Massage

This is one of our most calming sessions. It involves gentle strokes, that will relieve tension, promote relaxation and can improve circulation. 

60 min $90/90 min $130 

Sports Massage

This massage is like no other. Calling all athletes and those who work out regularly. Trained practitioners make an assessment on specific muscle groups and focus on detailed work to help relieve pain, or tension in the area. This may help relieve pain from new or old injuries. A skillful PNF( Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) technique is used. PNF can improve active and passive range of motion while increasing flexibility. It may even help muscles to recover quicker.


60 min $110/90 min $150 

Body Scrubs

A body scrub is a great way to help your skin return to its youthful glow. It not only removes dead skin cells, from the surface, it can help soften the epidermis and increase circulation. After your scrub, enjoy a complimentary rehydration massage with our soothing oils or lotions to revitalize the skin to give it a wonderful radiance. *Fun Fact: Skin cells require a good diet and less stress to help turn over and generate new cells. 

60 min $130

Deep Tissue Massage

Full body range of motion, trigger point and neuromuscular therapy is included with this massage. This technique helps to release the tension in joints, tendons and muscles. This is a great reliever of stiffness commonly found in neck, shoulders, lower back and hips.

60 min $100/ 90 min $140

Prenatal Massage

Does being pregnant mean that you can’t get a massage? It is in fact the exact opposite. Having a massage during your pregnancy is the best kind of care you can give to yourself. It helps with lower back pain, improves circulation in the body, it can relieve muscle tension, headaches and reduces edema. Giving yourself this kind of attention is even better if you blame it on the baby- whose gonna argue with that.…. Be sure to book a session every month for better sleep and a chance to enjoy your pregnancy.


*We ask that you are 12 weeks along or more in your pregnancy before booking this service.

60 min $90/90 min $130 

Far Infrared Sauna

Looking for a way to detoxify, relax, and get faster muscle recovery while making your heart stronger? Try our far infrared sauna. This unit can penetrate tissue and joints and increase the body's heat from the inside out. Far infrared treatment doesn’t generate intolerable heat, which will allow you to stay in longer, to receive better health benefits. *Fun fact: If you don’t think lights are important ask a plant owner.

CLICK HERE to learn more about our Sunlighten Infrared Sauna.

30 min $45/45 min $65