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Body Treatments 

Swedish Massage

This is one of our most calming sessions. It involves gentle strokes, that will relieve tension, promote relaxation and can improve circulation. 

60 min $105/90 min $145

Deep Tissue Massage

Full body range of motion, trigger point and neuromuscular therapy is included with this massage. This technique helps to release the tension in joints, tendons and muscles. This is a great reliever of stiffness commonly found in neck, shoulders, lower back and hips.

60 min $115/ 90 min $155

This massage is like no other. Calling all athletes and those who work out regularly. Trained practitioners make an assessment on specific muscle groups and focus on detailed work to help relieve pain, or tension in the area. This may help relieve pain from new or old injuries. A skillful PNF( Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) technique is used. PNF can improve active and passive range of motion while increasing flexibility. It may even help muscles to recover quicker.


60 min $125/90 min $165

Hot Stone Massage 

Hot Basalt stones are used to help relax muscles while relieving pain and tension in the body. Improved circulation, better sleep and relaxation are all the benefits of this service. Book this treatment bi-weekly to experience overall better health. 


90 min $175

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a specialty massage that strictly focuses on the lymphatic system to help rid the body of toxins, edema and increase the flow of stagnant lymphatic fluid. A gentle touch stimulates the lymphatic vessels, towards the lymph nodes to clear out excess fluid and waste. This service is very therapeutic and is a great way to give your immune system a boost! A far infrared sauna detox session is added for an enhanced treatment.


90 min $165

Sauna Service

30 min $50/ 45 min $70

H20 & Heat 30 min/$65

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