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TBK Support Inc.

TBK Support Inc, is a non profit organization financed by Us. Us being the people and small businesses that are tired of banks and lenders that continue to ignore and discover people that dream of one day to have a small business. TBK Support Inc, is setting the wheels in motion to change that. TBK Support was created by Chasidy K. Ashley the owner and founders of TBK Wellness Spa. 


When Chasidy decided to open TBK Wellness Spa she applied for many loans to assist with making her dream come true. She had every credential that was required by the bank, but the banks kept finding reasons to say no. 


Chasidy started TBK Support to help fund startup businesses and to help businesses that fall on tough times. What makes TBK Support so special is you will be able to have access to funds to help support your dream of entrepreneurship or to help your existing business. The best part is that you will not have to repay any of the money. 


Chasidy is starting a movement that will help women take care of women. TBK Support Inc, does not have problems helping other genders that may need help, but believes in the old school saying “Ladies first!”


The more people that help to donate to our nonprofit, the more funds we can use to fund our community and help women to get a start in the right direction of achieving their dreams! 

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How does TBK Support work? TBK Support Inc, works by people in our community banding together and donating through Venmo or Cash App. The nonprofit will in turn show weekly accountability for the funds to show our good faith and transparency and how we are helping our community of women. 


Who will determine who gets funding? The community will determine who will get funding. We will vote as a community on who should receive funding. 


How do potential business owners or current business owners apply for funds?


Each applicant must submit an essay as to why they believe that they should receive funding. They must write how they in turn will help the next woman in business by paying it forward. 


If you are ready to help a community of women to fund their business and be a part of TBK Support Inc, please click the link or scan the QR code  below and donate today.$SuppTBK 

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