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Our Story

I have been a licensed Massage Practitioner for 12 years. Over time I have seen the change that spas and wellness has evolved into. In this business you can say that I have researched, learned and come to the realization that there is more to working in a spa than having a fluff and buff service. It became more important to me that my clients understood that each service had to be customized to fit their needs. This is when I decided that working in the chains and upscale spas was no longer the road I needed to travel. It was time to take things back to basics. I didn’t want to keep getting sucked into the up-sales, retail and commercialized tools that are being used to provide services. Wellness is more important than any amount of money. Hence, TBK Wellness Spa was born.  


TBK Wellness is not only a spa, but we are a first class service spa. How you feel and what your needs are, are very important to us. Our team of specialized practitioners, technicians and nationally certified trainers, have been in this industry for over a combined 30 years. They are passionate, and they don’t complicate your vision, as to what you expect while in our care. We have chosen to create an experience for your spa get-away. This space is a home away from home. I hope that with each visit, while you are here enjoying the moment, you feel as if we have your best interest at heart. When you check-out, I would like for you to rebook and check back in. 


In each session you will be pampered and showered with the upmost care. Our team will go over and beyond to make TBK Wellness your number one spa in Georgia. Our job is to take care of you, so that you can take care of others. 

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